Salsa Instructor

Reinier Valdes was born in Habana, Cuba. He first started dancing to the Afro Cuban rhythms at the young age of 13. Reinier got immediately discovered by a professional Afro Cuban dance team which recruited his talent and showcased him all over Cuba. At the age of 18 he graduated from the Cuban school of dance as a dance instructor specializing in Popular Dances, such as Cuban Salsa, Son, Cha cha cha , Mambo and Rumba. In February of 2009 Reinier relocated to Brazil where he continued his work as a dancer, performer, and choreographer. He started his own performance group in 2010 calls Influencia Latina and started  touring and performing around Brazil. Reinier now lives in Seattle, WA where he funded La Clave Cubana a Cuban dance troupe and dance academy through which he continues to share his talent and passion for the Afro Cuban rhythms through dance classes, workshops, and performances.