Boaz Porath



Salsa Instructor

Boaz Porath began his dance career in 1996 joining an Israeli Folklore Dance Troupe, quickly becoming one of the lead dancers, traveling worldwide to represent Israel in various international folklore dance festivals, and advocating for peace, compassion and acceptance of the other.

In the year of 2000, Boaz began dancing Salsa and Rueda, inspired to do so at one of the folklore festivals he’s performed at.

In 2006 Boaz opened his own Casino and Rueda dance school in Tokyo, Japan while undertaking an intensive Aikido instructors course. This was a successful endeavor for the 1.5 years Boaz lived in Tokyo, spreading the word about Rueda de Casino, collaborating with other dance schools and driving the growth of the Casino community in Tokyo.

As a world travel enthusiast, Boaz has visited numerous countries, including Cuba, exploring culture, tradition and nature. In the vast majority of his travels he engages with the different salsa communities, continues to teach and learn, and enjoys sharing the joy of dance.

Boaz now lives in Seattle, WA where he works as a Sr. PPM Consultant and continues his dance career with the renowned La Clave Cubana.