Cuba’s Specialist in Unforgettable Dance Vacations & Authentic Cultural Experiences


We are Clave Cubana Tour Company: Cubans helping Americans enjoy Cuba.  Our passion is sharing our authentic culture with dancers worldwide, and we guarantee you’ll enjoy your amazing journey.


Imagine a dream vacation on a beautiful island, uniquely frozen in time, like no other place.  Safely escorted by native certified guides over historic cobblestone streets, you take in age-old sights of Spanish cities, until age-less rhythms amplify your awareness to smells and tastes of quaint sidewalk cafes, and yes – joyful dancing in the plaza!  Welcome to Cuba my friend.  The REAL Cuba!


So what are you waiting for?  You’ve danced in class, attended the festivals, and the music stirs your soul.  NOW is your chance to experience the REAL Cuba before it’s gone!


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